Capo-Test Pull Machine - Digital

Capo-Test Pull Machine - Digital

Capo-Test Pull Machine - Digital
with 0-100kN digital gauge
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The Capo-Test is an alternative to the testing of cores, for accurate compressive strength estimates on-site, giving instant compressive strength results for:
  • Quality control of the finished structure
  • Concrete members rejected by laboratory specimen testing
  • Residual strength of existing structures
  • Fire damaged structures
  • Integrity of structures

Principle & Operation

An 18.4 mm hole is cored perpendicular to a plane surface outside reinforcement disturbance. A recess is routed in the hole to a diameter of 25mm and at a depth of 25mm. A split ring is expanded in the recess and pulled against a counter pressure, 55mm inner diameter, placed on the surface concentrically with the ring.
The concrete in the strut between the expanded ring and the counter pressure is being compressed; hence the pull force “F” is a direct measure of the compressive strength.

The test is partially destructive, as it has to be performed until the cone between the expanded ring and the inner diameter of the counter pressure is dislodged.

The Capo-Test complete set comprises a Preparation Kit CN825 or CN826, the CN829 DSV-Kit and a pull machine kit CN827 or CN828.
These components must be ordered individually to form a complete system.

The CN828 Capo-Test hydraulic pull machine kit

comes with a 0-100kN digital gauge installed. with memory for storage of test results (peak-value, time and date of testing).
The peak-value is shown after a test has been terminated.
The internal accuracy of the gauge is 0.01 kN.
The display shows the pull force in 0.1 kN digital increments.

The kit comprises:

  • Hydraulic Pull machine with digital gauge
  • AMIGAS Printout software
  • Cable for printout
  • Oil refilling cup
  • Oil refilling bottle
  • Large screwdriver
  • Small screwdriver
  • Calibration table
  • Manual
  • Attaché case

Spare Capo-test inserts are available in packs of 10. See CN830.