Concrete Covermeter with Half-Cell - with both linear & grid batch memory

Concrete Covermeter with Half-Cell - with both linear & grid batch memory

Concrete Covermeter with Half-Cell - with both linear & grid batch memory
locates/orientates reinforcement bars in concrete and measures the depth of cover over the rebar
British StandardBS1881-204
Approx. Weight (kg)1.6
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An easy to use gauge that quickly and accurately locates/orientates reinforcement bars in concrete and measures the depth of cover over the rebar.

Designed to meet IP65 this rugged waterproof gauge can be used in the harshest of environments.

User Friendly

  • Easy to transport and store
  • Ergonomically shaped case for comfort
  • Single handed operation: All functions can be accessed & controlled through 4 simple keys/buttons


  • Locate and determine orientation of rebar quickly, easily & accurately
  • Up to 240,000 readings can be stored on the gauge for detailed reporting*
  • Memory and data logging with data output to PC or direct to printer*
  • Graph Plotting allows an immediate visual indication of results


  • Battery packs can be charged in the unit or externally. Additional batteries allow continued use


  • Specifically designed for use on-site
  • Rugged, waterproof IP65 case provides protection against the elements
  • Backlit screen for viewing in dark environments


  • Rebar locator, concrete covermeter and half-cell measurement all available in a single gauge - (with accessories)
  • Intuitive menus enable each gauge to be used straight from the box


  • Links to Covermaster™ software
  • Ultimate data management tool to store cover & half cell readings and produce professional reports
  • On Screen graphic display provides visual assessment of readings allowing identification of areas of low concrete cover or potential areas of corrosion
Search Heads and Half-Cell Probes are not included as standard and must be ordered separately
Covermeter screen displays

Cover Display Screen

Alternative / Typical Data Review Screen View
Backlit screens for use in dark conditions
Easy to use menus, in multiple languages to enable access to all data needed whilst on site without constant reference to the instruction book
Alternative view shows the typical display when using the deep cover search head
Bar size and depth of cover can be manually inputted to suit specific requirements
Typical data review screen clearly displays where readings are below or above a user specified tolerance, where a reading has not been taken
Units of measurement can be displayed in mm or inches for cover, or mV for Half-Cell

Half-Cell Mode

Typical Screen View
Can read both Cover and Half-Cell Values
Data logging information displayed on screen
Menu soft keys are visible

Graphics Plot Mod

eHalf-Cell Mode - the gauge indicates the areas with the most potential for corrosion
Covermeter mode - the gauge indicates the depth of cover
Black indicates most potential for corrosion
White indicates least potential for corrosion with varying greyscale shade in between
Zoom feature allows the user to take a closer look at different areas that are of interest
Threshold View
Ideal method for a simple pass or fail analysis
Once the threshold value has been set, anything before the value is shown in black, while anything over the value is shown in white

Autosizing and Orthogonal Function

Autosizing automatically estimates the size of rebar and the depth of cover
If this estimated figure differs greatly from your expected rebar size or you do not know the expected rebar size, the orthogonal size function provides an accurate measurement of bar size
The step by step directions for orthogonal function on the covermeter make the accurate sizing of bars quick and easy

Data Logging Feature

Simple Data Management on the Elcometer 331 Models SH, TH and THD
User definable memory batches with either linear and grid batch data logging modes. (Linear batching is where data is stored in a batch one reading after another)
Grid batches allow data to be stored in a 'spreadsheet format' with each cell relating to the survey area typically mapped out on the structure prior to inspection. The grid batch feature facilitates fast surveying for both cover and half-cell readings. Problem areas that do not fall within specification can be immediately identified and marked directly on the concrete
Cover and half-cell readings can be recorded and 'overlaid' in each grid location

Powerful Statistics Feature

Continually calculates and displays the statistical analysis of readings as they are taken. So, while the covermeter is in use, you are always informed and know exactly how your site survey is progressing
Statistics values are also calculated for the readings within each batch and these values are stored in the batch along with all individual readings


  • Covermeter /rebar location
  • Half-Cell measurement
  • Rebar orientation
  • Depth of cover
  • Large cover (thickness) reading mm or inches
  • Large graphics display with backlight
  • Multiple language menu structure
  • Signal strength bar
  • Interchangeable heads with LED & keypad
  • User selectable bar range sizes & numbers
  • Rugged waterproof case (IP65)
  • Adjustable beep volume & earphone socket

Measurement sound modes

    • Locate (tone increases as head approaches rebar)
    • Under Cover (tone only sound for low cover
    • Maxpip (tone only as head passes rebar centre)
  • Large half cell reading mV
  • Automatic bar size estimate
  • Orthogonal bar size calculation
  • RS232 Output - direct to printer or PC
  • Covermaster™ software
  • Statistics
  • Minimum & maximum cover limits
  • Date & Time


    • Linear batch memory - Up to 200 batches of 1000 readings#
    • Grid batch memory - Up to 240,000 readings#
  • User certified batch size
  • Graphics plot
  • Threshold plot


Elcometer Covermeter and Half-Cell Meter Model TH

Power supply 7.4V battery pack provides up to 32 hours of continuous use (20 hrs if backlight is on). Rechargeable in 4 hours either inside or outside the gauge using an external charger
Operating temperature 0 to 50°C (32 to 120°F)
Dimensions 230 x 130 x 125mm (9 x 5.1 x 4.9")
Weight 1.54kg (3.4lbs)
Packing List Concrete Covermeter with Half-Cell & search head connecting cable. Rechargeable battery pack & charger (UK, US & EU), earphone, shoulder strap, plastic carry case & operating instructions. Covermaster™ software and PC cable.
Search Heads and Half-Cell Probes are not included as standard and must be ordered separately