Digital Crack Measuring Gauge

Digital Crack Measuring Gauge

Digital Crack Measuring Gauge
high precision digital caliper set with accessories
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Digital Electronic Caliper Set Calibrated to 0.01mm and 0.0005 inches

Supplied in a durable plastic case with:
  • A Crack Width Gauge to measure the crack widths prior to monitoring
  • Pack of 100 6.3mm stainless steel discs
  • One pair of corner discs for monitoring cracks in corners
  • One pack of 100 marks
  • One pack of Plastic Padding (Chemical Metal)
  • Crack record cards to record changes in crack width


Either Stainless Steel Discs or marks may be used with the Digital Calipers.

Fix the Discs or marks with the Plastic Padding about 80—100mmm either side of the crack to be monitored.
The line of the Discs or the marks should be perpendicular to the crack.
Allow the Plastic Padding to harden thoroughly before taking the first reading.


The distance between the Discs or the Avon marks is measured and recorded on the record card.
The rates and trends of movement becomes apparent as subsequent readings are taken.
Monitoring to +/- 0.1mm is sufficiently accurate for most building structures.

Monitoring Cracks in Corners

Cracks may be monitored in corners using corner discs either fixed with screws and rawlplugs or plastic padding.
Corner discs are either used singly to monitor two dimensional movement or in pairs (as shown) to monitor movement in three dimensions.

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A user guide is available to download from the Impact web site